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Maggie Glennon

For a long time, I lost myself. Then someone helped me rediscover and tap into all the things that made me unique. The work was hard but,  I've never looked back.  

I want to pay it forward.

Struggle was embedded in my family culture. Growing up in a proud New England Irish Catholic household meant that what happened at home stayed at home. My parents provided and loved the best they knew how, but conversations around emotions and well-being were non-existent. Instead, avoidance,  using substances to numb, and victimhood took their place. My body was perpetually in fight-or-flight mode. I hated how I looked and how I felt but I trudged along checking off the boxes. I was lost and didn't even know there was another way to live.

maggie glennon with tarot cards
the weird should never be feared beach

I started my career as a teacher and excelled, but behind the scenes, I struggled with disordered eating, codependency, anxiety, and depression. Eventually, I found my way to therapy after a close friend told me I was turning into a person they didn’t know how to handle.

Change didn't happen overnight. I spent a long time resisting, scared of living a life that was at odds with how I was raised and how the people who were closest to me lived. But I kept coming back because although it was small there was a new spark and passion ignited.

Over time I developed an insatiable appetite for self-development, spirituality, and psychology using my own life as living proof of their power. I was healing and growing in ways I couldn't have fathomed a few years prior. My inner knowing and the tools and resources I gained on my journey saved me once again as I suffered a series of tremendous losses. 

Despite the immense pain, my choice to break free of my inherited patterns and commit to my own healing work opened the door for those events to ultimately make me softer, wiser, and more open. 

maggie glennon with dog
maggie glennon in yard

After those experiences, my commitment to paying it forward intensified. I left teaching, followed my heart and started working with individuals who like me felt called to nourish their minds, bodies and souls in new ways.


Today, when I'm not coaching, I spend my free time wrangling my three dogs, taking walks, playing in the sand, devouring podcasts, books, and bird songs.

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"I see my life as an unfolding series of 
opportunities to awaken."

Ram Dass

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