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Rediscover your true self.
Nourish your mind, body and spirit.  

Beach Meditation
Image by Diana Polekhina

Enhance your well-being and strengthen your inner knowing.

Avoid repeating patterns while honoring your own story.

Handle the ups and downs that come with change & every day life.

Understand who are you, what's important, and the impact you want to make. 


Rock Maze

Come home to yourself.

Just starting your journey or want to design a solid foundation of well-being?

Craving connection and want to explore practices to incorporate into your life?

Calm Sea

Mind, Body & Spirit Approach

I offer a unique blend of spiritual and traditional coaching.


Whether using Tarot or doing values work, mindfulness and self-compassion are at the heart of every offering.

I'm Maggie Glennon.


 I see you.

I've been where you are.  I learned to honor my own journey and prioritize my mind, body, and spirit. Many people in my life saw what I was doing as selfish or didn't understand what I was chasing. 

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